Patty Waters Sings


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From Billboard Russia (August 2007 edition) - Translated from the Russian

ESP Disc by itself is an extremely strange label. But among the mass of crazies, published by Bernard Stollrnan, there are especially strange names. One of them is Patty Waters — intimate and uncompromising, mold-breaking singer, that didn’t let the blues die and turned it upside-down not thinking of consequences. It was after there were Diamanda Galas or a talented imitator of art Yoko Ono. But in the beginning Albert Ayler brought Patty Waters on ESP Disc, where Richard Alderson recorded an incredible and undoubtedly strange album. First seven songs, as personal diary pages, sounding quietly, on the verge of whisper and dull soulful pain, are no longer than two-three minutes. But suddenly, the last, eighth, “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”, is powerful and mold-breaking, with vocal desperation and improvisation for the thirteen minutes and complete lapses of memory.