Patty Waters Sings

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She is a magnificent, controlled, yet highly intense young singer. The haunting instrumental control of her voice is truly astonishing. What and how she sang were the highlights of the entire week.

-Coda Magazine, Toronto, Canada, John Norris '66

Her singing is like no one else’s. She sings thoughtful, straightforward, imaginative and with shapely inflections. A ripeness, an integrity of a sort few performers attain. There is an inevitability about the sound, a clarity that makes you wonder why no one did it before. The isolation of the word shows the song’s other side, shows its core. The scale is like a moon landscape - making sense, but so beautiful and so far from home... Phrasing fragrant with Ella Fitzgerald nuances and the sensuous insight of Lady Day.

- Woodstock News, N.Y., Woodstock Playhouse Concert, ‘66

Waters seems interested in eliminating some traditional restrictions to vocal performances for the same reason that Ornette Coleman has done away with certain foundation devices for the instrumentalist. During the process, she is opening the way for exciting possibilities.

- Downbeat Magazine, N.Y., H.P. '66

Hear her voice with the ears of wolves. A sound contour never before heard in American music and poetry. It transcends virtuosi vocalizing. It is presented as Shamanic ritual. The most perfect realization of Jazz song as siren song. Compels a revisioned understanding of the lure of the sweet woman's voice as a passage to paradise.

- Village Voice, N.Y., Norman Weinstein, critic and poet, ‘67

Miss Waters is an advocate of that vocalism which clings closest to Its primitive origins in the human cry, whether of anguish or ecstasy.

- Harper’s Magazine, N.Y., Eric Larrabee ‘68

Haunting melancholia... The range of tonal nuances and timbered expressiveness that she was capable of spewing from her glottals had become a strange, awe-Inspiring animal... One really ought to hip oneself to the art of Patty Waters. She Is one of the best fucking singers alive.

- Rolling Stone Magazine, N.Y., Nick Tosches '71

(ESP) recorded the first free jazz vocal of 13 minutes, “Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair,” that I did with Patty Waters. People still get their blood curdled behind that. Patty was like a newspaper. That record put my name on the map. They knew who I was when I got to Europe.

- Downbeat Magazine, N.Y., Interview of Burton Greene, pianist/composer '80

Patty Waters, Who can forget that record?

- L.A. Herald Examiner, CA, David Weiss '81

“Patty Waters Sings” album listed in Critic's Poll “Forgotten Genius: Everyman’s Jazz Library of the Obscure and Neglected.” A sound contour never before heard in American music.

- Village Voice, N.Y., Norman Weinstein, '88

Patty Waters' soft, breathy voice can have the emotional impact of Billie Holiday..

- Pacific Monthly, Carmel/Monterey CA '90

“Patty Waters Sings,” as well as her “College Tour” album, should be considered one of the better free Jazz records to come out of the sixties.

- OP Independent Music Magazine, WA, Christopher Stigliano '92 ..

Torch songs delivered in a chesty whisper... And “Black is the Color...” made her a certified phenomenon.

- Record Collector's Goldmine Magazine. WI, Dr. Robert Campbell '93

ESP Disk: The most Interesting independent American label of all time. The Infinitely important ESP free jazz titles...are especially great to hear.

- Forced Exposure, MA. Byron Coley '93

Praised by people like Miles Davis. her range moves easily from intimacy to introspection to rage. and her evocation of “Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair” has no parallel In musical history.

- San Francisco Sentinel, CA. Michael Mascioli ‘93

Anyone who doesn't own both of Patty Waters' ESP-Disks is missing out on one of life’s treasures

-Deja News '93

The world of free-flowing female "Jazz" vocals was never the same since Patty Waters entered the picture. Her classic debut is one of the most unearthly, haunting tracks of a generation.

-Forced Exposure, MA, Byron Coley '93

The still astonishing “Black is the .Colour of My True Love's Hair” remains unforgettable and makes this a landmark ESP release.

-The Wire. E. Pouncey '93

An act of great emotional courage. A landmark in modem avant-garde music history. We are lucky it exists

-Perfect Sound Forever. D. Monypeny '93

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